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Eucalyptus Cinerea (Silver Dollar)

Eucalyptus Cinerea (Silver Dollar)

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Grow your own Eucalyptus Cinerea

This growset contains everything you need to grow your own Eucalyptus Cinerea. You will receive a box filled with a handmade pot, coconut tablets, 5 Eucalyptus Cinerea seeds and sowing instructions. Nice to give as a gift or to grow yourself!

Growing a Eucalyptus Cinerea

A Eucalyptus plant can easily be grown at home. Our grow kit contains the instructions and of course the seeds. We supply 5 seeds so it doesn't matter if they don't all germinate or survive. You have a fast result with the eucalyptus cinerea, the seeds germinate on average after 2 to 3 weeks !

About the Eucalyptus Cinerea

The Eucalyptus Cinerea, native to Australia and the Koala's favorite snack. Due to the beautiful round green-silver leaves, this plant is also called the Silver Dollar Tree. As the plant ages, the leaves will become more elongated. The crushed leaves give off a fresh menthol scent. Fancy a wonderful scent in your home? Then pour some boiling water over picked leaves for a refreshing wellness scent.

How big does a Eucalyptus Cinerea get?

The Eucalyptus Cinerea is a medium-sized tree species and its native country it can grow up to 30 meters high in the open ground. In a small pot it can easily reach a size of 40 cm.

The best place for a Eucalyptus Cinerea

Like most houseplants from warm areas, this one also likes a lot of light. A good place is near the window, in Summer this plant can also survive outside.

How much water does a Eucalyptus Cinerea need?

A thirsty plant that likes high humidity. Make sure that the soil remains slightly moist and does not dry out, so water regularly! For extra nutrition and a healthy plant, it is best to give it Plantfood.

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