Sustainable and responsible

We try to do business as sustainably and responsibly as possible with Grow your ownn. We want to offer our products in a way that is good for society and the environment.

Sustainable houseplant grow set

The grow set contains seeds of indoor plants. These seeds come to us from all over the world and are only harvested in places where the plant is in its natural habitat. The mainly local population collects these seeds. Because our supplier trades directly with the local population without intermediaries, they receive a fair price.

The box of our grow set contains the claim FSC Mix 70%. This means that at least 70% of the fibers come from sustainably managed forests. We have also developed the box as small as possible so that it does not consume fibers unnecessarily. The coconut tablets that we supply are also pressed as small as possible so as not to use unnecessary space.

100% Organic plant food

Our Plantfood products are 100% organic fertilizer tablets. It contains a variety of trace elements and active soil bacteria. The soil bacteria ensure that your plant can absorb the fertilizers properly. These sustainable tablets are therefore a green and much better alternative to fertilizer and give your room plant nutrition for a whole year

Environmentally friendly shipping

We are also aware of the consequences for the environment when shipping our articles. For example, we have already thought about the smallest possible product packaging and we use small shipping boxes so as not to send empty space. We also try to send our shipments via climate-neutral transport methods.