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Camelia Sinensis (Tea Plant)

Camelia Sinensis (Tea Plant)

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Grow your own Camellia Sinensis

This growset contains everything you need to grow your own Camellia Sinensis. You will receive a box filled with a handmade pot, coconut tablets, 5 Camellia Sinensis seeds and sowing instructions. Nice to give as a gift or to grow yourself!

Growing a Camellia Sinensis

A Tea plant can easily be grown at home. Our grow kit contains the instructions and of course the seeds. We supply 5 seeds so it doesn't matter if they don't all sprout or survive. You don't have to wait long, the tea plant seeds germinate on average after 4 to 8 weeks !

About the Camellia Sinensis Plant

The Camelia Sinensis, better known as the Tea plant, is a plant that can be kept well as a houseplant/ indoor plant. Nice bonus: you can make your own tasty tea from the leaves. The Tea Plant can also be planted outside as soon as it has grown to some size, the plant will then grow even more.

How big does a Camellia Sinensis get?

The tea plant can grow up to several meters high outdoors in the open ground, but indoors the Camelia Sinensis will limit itself to a full bunch of tea leaves of approximately 50 cm high.

The best place for a Camellia Sinensis

The tea plant originally comes from Southeast Asia where temperatures are higher than ours, but the Camelia Sinensis is even intended to withstand freezing temperatures (as an adult plant). The tea plant can be placed outside, but it also looks good indoors. As an indoor plant, it likes sufficient light, but it doesn't need to be in full sun.

How much water does a Camellia Sinensis need?

The tea plant does not like "wet feet", so be careful not to give it too much water! Once a week is usually sufficient, but on hot days this can be done more often. In addition to water, every (house) plant also needs food. With Plantfood you can provide your houseplant enough nutrition for a whole year!

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