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Coffea Arabica (Coffee plant)

Coffea Arabica (Coffee plant)

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Grow your own Coffea Arabica

This growset contains everything you need to grow your own Coffea Arabica Plant. You will receive a box filled with a handmade pot, coconut tablets, 5 Coffea Arabica seeds and sowing instructions. Nice to give as a gift or to grow yourself!

Growing a Coffea Arabica

A coffee plant can easily be grown at home. Our grow kit contains the instructions and of course the seeds. We supply 5 seeds so it doesn't matter if they don't all& sprout or survive. You have to be patient, the coffee plant seeds germinate on average after 3 months .

About the Coffea Arabica

The Coffea Arabica, or as we often call it: Coffee plant. Many people love the seeds in the fruits, coffee beans. If you take good care of it, coffee beans can actually grow. This takes a few years, but after the flowers there are berries that contain coffee beans.

How big does a Coffea Arabica get?

A coffee plant can grow up to 5 meters high. When you plant it in a medium-sized pot, it will grow to a height of about 30 to 40 cm.

The best place for a Coffea Arabica

Originating from Ethiopia, a coffee plant loves warmth and light. Near a heater for the winter is a nice place. But as a young plant, it is better not to be too close to the window, so feel free to place it 2 to 3 meters away from the window. When the plant gets older, it can be placed closer to the window, but always be careful in the summer against burning.

How much water does a Coffea Arabica need?

The coffee plant grows well in slightly moist soil , so make sure that the soil never dries out. The coffea arabica also likes to get a good spraying, especially in autumn and winter. The spraying ensures that the leaves remain shiny and prevents the accumulation of dust on the leaves. This ensures that sunlight can be absorbed well and the houseplant therefore develops faster. Make sure the soil always contains nutrition for best growth. With Plantfood you can provide& enough nutrition for a whole year!

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